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Всеукраїнський Науковий Інститут Селекції (ВНІС)
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Sowing colsa Sintetik
  • Sowing colsa Sintetik

Sowing colsa Sintetik

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Seeds of winter colza Sintetik

All-Ukrainian scientific institute of selection of "VNIS"

We offer seeds of winter colza Sintetik

Early ripe hybrid (300-305 days)

  • height is 170 cm
  • content of oil is 46,4%
  • squirrel of 19,7%
  • erukovy acid of 0,0-0,3%
  • glyukozinolat of 0,4%.
  • harvest of green material of 470 c/hectare
  • weight is 1000 seeds of 4,8 g

Average productivity of seeds for years of test makes:

  • 32-38 c/hectare
  • at most 70 c/hectare

Features: It is characterized by the increased winter hardiness. High adaptability to cultivation conditions. Distinctive drought resistance and resistance to cracking of pods, resistance to drowning. Highly productive hybrid sensitive to the standard of farming.

More detailed information on grades and hybrids of colza is on our website:

  • CLEOPATRA (305-310 days)
  • SINTETIK (300-305 days)
  • SNOW QUEEN (300-305 days)
  • REDSTOUN RS (300-305 days)
  • BLACKSTONE THEM (295-300 days)
  • HALK (295-300 days)
  • SMARAGD (290 days)

Seeds are inlaid and packed into the item of the lake on 2,2 million pieces of seeds. Free shipping from 10 items of the lake.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Oilseed crop:Rape
Screen: 95 %
Ripening period:Medium early
Information is up-to-date: 29.10.2020
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