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Seeds of fodder beet grade "Kiev
  • Seeds of fodder beet grade "Kiev

Seeds of fodder beet grade "Kiev

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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The All - Ukrainian scientific institute of selection of "VNIS" offers seeds of fodder beet of own selection.

Grade of fodder type, mnogorostkovy, tetraploid

Potential productivity of a grade is more than 980 c/hectare

Content of solid is 15%

Harvest of solid of 155 - 160 c/hectare


  • Positively responds on fertilizers and a good agrotechnology
  • It is suitable for cleaning in the mechanized way
  • Differs in a high lezhkost
  • The grade is rather steady against diseases
  • It is badly damaged root gnilyam, mealy dew, jaundice, tserkosporozy


Leaves of an ovate - heart - shaped form, smooth, green color

shanks are green


Root crop of a tsilindrichno - oval form, orange color,

well filled with a small and superficial root groove

Shipped in soil for 50%


It is recommended for cultivation in zones of the Forest - steppe and Polesia

More detailed information on other our seeds (barley Patrician, beet sugar hybrid Authoritative, fodder beet Sonnet, and also grades and hybrids of sunflower: The Ukrainian F1, the Ukrainian sun, Zagrava, Sonyachny nastry, Armagedon, Rimbaud, the Bond, Yason, Attila, Aurys, the Matador, the Dragon, Luxury, the World), you can find on our website www. vnis. com. ua or contact sales department of VNIS (068) 870 - 70 - 50, (095) 378 - 15 - 16, (044) 500 - 55 - 37.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Technical culture:Mangelwurzel
Screen: 95 %
Amount of packaging: 1 kg
Ripening period:Early maturing
Information is up-to-date: 20.05.2022

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