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Seeds of fodder beet grade "Olzhich
  • Seeds of fodder beet grade "Olzhich

Seeds of fodder beet grade "Olzhich

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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The All - Ukrainian scientific institute of selection of "VNIS" offers seeds of Olzhich fodder beet.

Grade of fodder type, mnogorostkovy

Potential productivity of a grade is more than 940 c/hectare

Content of solid is 15%

Harvest of solid of 135 - 150 c/hectare


  • It is suitable for cleaning in the mechanized way
  • Differs in a high lezhkost
  • The grade is rather steady against diseases
  • The grade is surprised korneedy and tserkosporozy less
  • It is characterized by fast increase of mass of a root crop
  • does not reduce productivity at liquefaction of crops


Leaves of an ovate - heart - shaped form, smooth, green color

The basis has green shanks, with yellowness

Root crop of a cylindrical form with an insignificant aggravation of tail part of yellow color, pulp white

Shipped in soil for 50%


It is recommended for cultivation in zones of the Steppe, Forest - steppe and Polesia

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Technical culture:Mangelwurzel
Ripening period:Early maturing
Information is up-to-date: 02.12.2021

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